Saturday, April 28, 2007

LA! I love lose angeles

I know, I know. It was New York a while back. A lot has changed since then. Now? I am absolutely moving - to Phoenix, Arizona.

The big reason for the move is that my son Alexander has qualified for and been admitted to an excellent school for gifted children there. As much as we love Albuquerque and all of our family and friends here, we realized the schools in town simply could not meet his needs. APS is cutting the full-time gifted program at schools like Bandelier because of a lack of qualified students. Sad, but true. If we were to stay here, Alexander would continue to languish.

I've sold my house in Albuquerque, and have reserved an apartment in Phoenix. I plan to live in the apartment - in a complex that is like a fine resort - for about a year, as I get to know the area and figure out where I'd like to buy. I'm told the real estate market is going to bottom out sometime next year, so I will wait for the crash before buying, and just park the money I make on the house in stocks and bonds.

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